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Webcamming with a doctor

Webcamming with a doctor-80

My guiding principals in life are to use manners, be respectful, and to keep the relationships I have with my family healthy. My favorite book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because it's such a vivid story with such a spontaneous plot line, a good friend gave me her copy my sophomore year in high school and I still have it.

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As these girls are real life friends, and Lexi introduced Charlotte to FTV -- I brought up the idea that they should do a girl-girl shoot, even though they've never been that way with each other before.They were friends in high school, though went in totally different directions in life, where Lexi went to work in a department store, as a quiet, recluse type of girl, and Charlotte became that sporty type with a very extroverted personality.FTV has reunited them again, and its pretty sweet to see them get frisky with each other for the first time.Anyway maybe i'm saying too much but thats the main reason why i wanted to come back.I'm supposed to write about the shoot but it was all a fast blur to me and all of it was fun except maybe the golf ball part. I picked up guitar about three years ago and I picked up violin around the same time I started playing piano. I've only been with two guys over the past year and a half and I lost my virginity when I was seventeen.

Maybe one day I will practice with a plug in :) Maybe you can see it :) Love you guys! I've been playing piano for seven years, I use to write my own music with my brothers.

Now that you know me a little better beyond my sexy young appearance, I hope you appreciate my sexy videos! I had so many, and I have a lot, so that's saying something. And of course we were flashing people haha I'm told you guys like that :)My name is Franki and im somewhat new to modeling but definitely new to porn. Yeah my boobs are bigger but i fluctuate like this all the time.

I was actually hoping that my 1st shoot would be with FTV because I loved the cover pages some other models had posted. Orgasms, to public nakedness jeez haha I just hope you guys love it! I'm not sure why but it doesn't have anything to do with my period.

My mom has big boobs and my grandmother's were so big she had to have a breast reduction.

They don't feel heavy or bother my back at all from what people say and i've been told that I sleep on my side and use them like pillows. I just wish I had a butt but my whole family has small butts so whatever I cant do much about it.

Lexi had Lia put makeup on her, making her look somewhat different from her previous shoot (Lexi doesn't know how to put on makeup).