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When exclusive dating

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That’s how you know you’re in an exclusive relationship already. This is a big sign that you’re actually in a relationship with someone versus just dating them.

[Read: 11 sure signs the guy you’re dating is a real keeper] #5 They’ve met important people in your life.That’s why it’s so surprising when you realize that you are actually in an exclusive relationship: it’s actually the way that most healthy relationships should evolve.Signs you’re in an exclusive relationship already This has happened to me a couple of different times.#6 You give each other gifts on holidays/birthdays. I’m talking about pet names that are specific to just them.If you’re far enough into your relationship for gifts during the holidays, you’re most likely in an exclusive relationship. It could be something like an endearing nickname that they’ve actually earned.Occasionally, when you’ve been dating someone for a while and haven’t had “the talk,” your fling can turn into a lot more without you even knowing.

This happens to a lot of people, surprisingly, and they end up in an exclusive relationship with someone they thought they were just casually dating.

You know you’re in an exclusive relationship when you’re past all of the awkward phases. #14 You don’t feel guilty for not shaving for a few days. Fellas, you don’t feel the need to keep your face trimmed and proper, and you ladies don’t feel bad about skipping the leg shaving for a few days. If you can spend the night at their place and not have sex with them, that’s a true sign that your dating relationship has matured to an exclusive relationship. If you’re asked out on other dates and you always turn them down because of your current partner, you’re ready to be exclusive; even though you haven’t talked about exclusivity, you feel attached enough to turn down other potentials. If someone at a bar or out and about asks if you’re single and you say no because of your partner, then you’re obviously considering yourself a member of an exclusive relationship.

That’s a huge sign you’re in an exclusive relationship. [Read: New relationship advice – How to have a perfect start to love] #18 You’re happy with them and only them.

When you’re thrust into the dating world, end up going on dates with a number of different people, and slowly find yourself dating the same person over and over, while also accepting fewer and fewer other dates, you’ve basically put yourself into a relationship.

The great thing about this is that it develops naturally.

Exclusive literally means “limited to one.” If you’re only seeing them and no one else, that’s a sign that you’re in an exclusive relationship with them—especially if you don’t have the desire to see other people. If you two are only seeing each other frequently going on dates, I would say it’s a definite sign that you’re in an exclusive relationship.