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When to have exclusivity talk when dating

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Text things like “Wanna go to this concert next month?” or “Are you free for this [MOVIE] coming out in [LENGTH OF TIME]?

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If you get no response, then sadly, exclusivity may be a way away. This may make you feel nervous, but trust your instincts and enjoy the butterflies you get from this moment.If there’s a lot of flirting, touching and even kissing going on, then there’s a huge chance that you’ll be officially exclusive soon.It’s always a good sign when your partner’s friends know about the two of you.Relationships can be tricky, and getting into a relationship can be even trickier, if you’re unsure how to broach the subject of getting serious. If this is really want you want from this person, don’t wait until you’re in knee-deep with someone to find out they’ve been knee-deep with at least three other people while seeing you.Males and females alike get nervous about approaching this subject with a new lover, as it can feel awkward or “lame” to impose a relationship on someone, simply because you’ve gone out a few times. If she’s been spending all her free time with you, then you’re who she wants to be with.However, this doesn’t eliminate the chance that your partner is also dating other people, which is exactly why the talk is still important. Do both parties a favor and don’t assume your transition from dating to dating exclusively has already happened.

The only time this is appropriate is if you’ve heard your partner refer to you specifically as his or her significant other to your face or to someone else.

There’s chatting online, which moves to text or phone calls, casual dating which can last a few dates or months, which develops into an exclusive relationship, and then finally comes a defined BF/GF status. Because everyone has a different dating approach—some put all of their eggs in one basket, while others date multiple people at a time, it can be confusing which stage you’re in unless you talk about it directly.

An exclusivity talk or a convo about commitment will ensure that you’re both on the same page.

It’s important to keep the subject matter light, when discussing a topic like this.

You don’t want to freak them out or make the conversation seem daunting.

Many feel that they’d prefer going with the flow, and they don’t want to seem like they can’t live in the moment. Many people go through relationships never having to have that elusive first “where’s this going? Most relationships happen with a natural progression of things, where eventually one of you asks the other one out and everything is then out in the open. Still, if you feel the need to bring it up, make sure you’ve spent an appropriate amount of time together before you start bombarding your partner with questions about exclusivity, your future, and where this is all going.