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Who is dating mel gibson

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A source revealed that they met through mutual friends and are trying to keep their romance “low-key.” The site claims the mystery man has shown his support for her by reportedly showing up to “America’s Got Talent” tapings and accompanying her on social engagements.

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I had to admit to myself that I was impressed that he hadn’t shied away from answering my tough questions.The fact that he won’t jump to his own defense is part of his problem, but also part of why I have grown to respect him. And whenever I wrote about him, I would get irate calls from his representatives saying I didn’t know him. I came to rethink my harsh assessment after I got to know the man.That is why on the occasion of this 10th anniversary of , a film about an innocent man’s willingness to forgive the greatest injustice, I propose to Hollywood that it’s time to forgive Mel Gibson. It started when I interviewed him in 2006 for an cover.In 2004, he directed "The Passion of the Christ," a highly successful and controversial biblical drama film.Two years later, his next project was "Apocalypto," an action-adventure film. When he returned with "Hacksaw Ridge" in 2016, he earned his second Academy Award nomination for Best Director.‘s 10th anniversary than journalist Allison Hope Weiner‘s examination of her relationship with Gibson and how it evolved from harsh coverage to the point where she feels strongly enough about his good qualities and recovery to urge Hollywood to consider giving him another chance.

Weiner has written about Gibson for Deadline before, as well as and watched it become the biggest-grossing independent film with $612 million in worldwide ticket sales.

"Passion of the Christ" alone brought him $210 million of earnings.

Before he divorced his wife, Robyn Moore, in 2009, his net worth was reportedly somewhere around $850 million. He also has a daughter with Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva.

Gibson's properties include an $11.5 million Malibu house, a 400-acre ranch in Costa Rica valued at $26.0 million and his Mago Island in Fiji with an estimated worth of $15.0 million. Currently, the actor is in a relationship with Rosalind Ross, who is a former champion equestrian vaulter.

She recently gave birth to their first child together.

Months after splitting from husband Stephen Belafonte, rumors are swirling about Mel B’s love life!