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Millions of unemployed workers will be able to get back on the ladder of success, learn new skills, and move on to higher paying jobs.They will also be earning their own keep and contributing with taxes instead of having to depend on costly government assistance programs to get by.

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The government can jump-start this new system of skills certifications by changing the way it advertises for government jobs.Washington needs to increase the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program, or SLATT.SLATT is the only federal program that trains state and local law enforcement to recognize and neutralize terrorism.Instead of requiring, for example, a “bachelor’s degree” for a given job opening, the government should post a list of the skills required by that job.Anybody who has those skills will be eligible to apply whether or not they ever earned an old-style bachelor’s degree.However, its budget has never been more than $2 million per year, and its funding was cut to just $1 million last year.

SLATT must be expanded so that every local jurisdiction can receive world-class anti-terrorism training.

The government can help with sensible policies that increase the willingness of employers to hire and train the unemployed.

A major step forward will be tax credits and direct subsidies for hiring the unemployed.

Washington should only grant visas to immigrants whose backgrounds and intentions can be fully verified.

We also need our national intelligence agencies to work more closely with local law enforcement.

As a founding board member of Employment Means Success, I am keenly aware of the hurdles facing unemployed workers in San Bernardino County.