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Who is jillian michaels dating 2016

News about being an advocate for Raise AChild, an organization aimed at helping and informing families and individuals who are interested in the adoption process.

Jillian first opened up about her sexuality back in 2010, and while it's unclear when the duo began dating, Heidi gave birth to Phoenix in 2012, just two weeks before they adopted Lu from Haiti."People are also moving away from machines and toward body-weight and free-weight training." It's part of a big change in how women see their bodies."Strong, not skinny, is now sexy, and long workouts are a thing of the past, » - Julie Mazziotta, @julietmazz After years of extolling the benefits of high-intensity workouts while everyone else at the gym was zoning out on the elliptical, Jillian Michaels is happy to see people have finally caught on."[I'm] melting, literally melting, like the f--king Wicked Witch of the West!" Watch the clip above to see how her steamy and sweaty shoot turned out!» - Jenny C Lu Fitness guru Jillian Michaels popped the question by screening a special romantic comedy for partner Heidi Rhoades: their own love story. reality show Just Jillian, the fitness guru invited Rhoades, 35, to watch a movie in a private theater.

"In a world where it's tough to connect," a fake trailer began, "one woman found that someone special and came to discover that where there's love, there's hope, happiness, adventure and endless possibilities." A montage of photos of the couple and their children Lukensia, 5, and Phoenix, 3, followed.

Recap the exciting season finale with these eight must-see moments! Jillian determines she would never be able to date herself: "One of the greatest things about Heidi is » It's official: Jillian Michaels is getting married!

On tonight's season finale of Just Jillian, the E!

(Hint: Thongs are definitely not included.) From Karyn Grossman beauty products to Game of Thrones, Jillian candidly shares a few of her absolute favorite things in the clip.

Do you think you can guess her favorite song and i Phone app?

"I know I'm an ass---- a lot of the time, » - Michele Corriston, @mcorriston Image Source: Getty / Jason Laveris Congratulations are in order for Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades.