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Who is kd lang currently dating

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When you experience the true philosophy of Buddhism for the first time, it kind of changes your perspective.You do a lot of reconstructing of your ideals, and it's an exhausting, consuming process.

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I'm a very good housewife"), painting landscapes and looking after her elderly dog.She remarks that what was always a conservative city seems finally to be evolving."Bible publishing, real estate and insurance are the top earners there, along with music, so it's never been the most progressive town. It's got this reputation as one thing, but when you get down on to street level there's a lot of very creative people doing a lot of great stuff." Mining her own seam of creativity hasn't always been easy for lang.At the age of five, lang was certain about two things: one was that she had a singing voice that made everyone around her sit up and listen; the other was that she was sexually attracted to women."Being gay felt very natural – out of four kids, three of us were gay – so I never felt weird about it.lang has long refuted the idea that her songs are autobiographical, but when I remark on the album's upbeat mood, she concedes: "Well, yes, I'm in a very good space at the moment.

But also [the co-producer] Joe Pisapia and I sat down before we started writing it and made a very clear manifesto that this record would be unpretentious, soulful, and very positive and uplifting.

A low profile is, she tells me, exactly what she had hoped for at this stage in her career.

"It's the culmination of what feels like a long journey. I'm past being photographed falling out of bars."It wasn't always thus.

Nearly twenty years ago, when she had just turned 30 and had reached her commercial peak with the multi-million-selling, Grammy-winning album Ingénue, her life was a whirlwind of Hollywood parties, premieres, awards ceremonies and fashion shows.

After announcing her homosexuality to Rolling Stone magazine, she became the de facto ambassador for the gay community and the coolest lesbian in town.

But now in east Nashville there's this pocket of alternative musicians – Jack White lives there, Ben Folds and Gillian Welch. Though she has enjoyed steady sales for 15 years, she has never come close to repeating the extraordinary success of Ingénue.