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Who is lynsey bartilson dating

Teddy asks Spencer out for the big night and Ivy asks out Emmett, so she and Teddy can get rides to the dance.

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Teddy tries to fool Amy into thinking that she is a "cool mom" by hanging with her to attend a midnight screening of Dusk (a parody of Twilight).Teddy and Ivy's play about people overcoming differences and coming together and Amy in labor going to the hospital to deliver the baby.Gabe is home alone due to his family forgetting about him, but Mrs.Amy convinces Teddy to audition to be the school's unlucky ram mascot Whammy, due to Amy being Whammy when she was Teddy's age.Teddy does not want to be Whammy, so she tries to throw the tryout; coincidentally it turns out she was the only one who tried out, so Teddy becomes the Whammy.Guest stars: Raven Goodwin as Ivy, Stephanie Hodge as Ms.

Covington, Micah Williams as Emmett, Max Carver as Brad A moonlight dance is approaching at Teddy's school.

Dabney catches him and takes him to the hospital anyway. Darnell Suttles as Francis, Sarah Baker as Carla, Jon Molerio as Nelson Bob makes a deal with Mrs.

Towards the end of the crazy day of Charlie's birth, the Duncans have a new sister and take a family picture. Dabney that if he chops down their tree that blocks her sunlight, she will keep her barking dog in her house. They all wind up in the tree house and it fell to the ground. Dabney reveals the dog is not hers and she's just watching it for a neighbor, the Duncans launch a water balloon at her.

Elsewhere, Amy and Bob go on a date to a Mexican restaurant to get their minds off of Charlie, but when Emma shows up at the restaurant that Bob and Amy are at, the Duncan kids sneak in to switch infants. Dabney, and they try to find evidence to prove it, while babysitting Charlie.

Guest stars: Mike Hagerty as Captain Stretchy, Gilland Jones as Emma Note: In the United Kingdom it delivered 170,000 viewers when it premiered on June 12, 2010. Meanwhile, Teddy becomes jealous that her best friend Ivy has become texting buddies with Amy, which Teddy thinks is lame, so she decides to spend time with Ivy's mother, Mary Lou Wentz, who is unexciting and is very boring, so Teddy learns that Amy is not as lame as she originally thought. Dabney, Raven Goodwin as Ivy, Ellia English as Mary Lou Note: This episode refers to the book, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Guest stars: Raven Goodwin as Ivy, Micah Williams as Emmett, Ellia English as Mary Lou, Adam Cagley as George Van Brundt, Wendle Josepher as Mrs.