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Who is really dating on gossip girl

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Blake Lively may be only 25, but she's already landed one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors -- and married him.

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They haven’t talked about the reason they broke up in the spring (Georgina), and Dan doesn’t want to have to explain it to his dad when he doesn’t know where the relationship is heading himself.Carr’s career, and destroy his relationship with Serena, so he uses his alter ego, Gossip Girl to do it? Dan has gotten himself tangled in a relationship with movie star Olivia Burke (portrayed by Hilary Duff) and is struggling to keep up with the lifestyle.Sure, Olivia’s cute, smart, and down to earth, but she’s still a celebrity.Season 1, Episode 6: The Handmaiden’s Tale Just as Dan and Serena are trying to figure things out (for the first time), Dan is caught off guard when he reads a Gossip Girl post that Serena is on the market for a Masked Ball date and impulsively decides to show up and surprise her.Sure Lonely Boy might be a mighty good con artist, but what does he gain by pretending to be surprised by a newly released Gossip Girl post when he’s sitting in his kitchen alone? Season 1, Episode 13: A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate Things between Dan and Serena have finally started to heat up (making those of us who are team Nate gag), when Gossip Girl leaks a picture of Serena buying a pregnancy test.While Dan and Rufus are looking for Jenny, a blast is sent out that a high school girl, Muffy, has lost her virginity.

Gossip Girl posted this as a favor to Blair and Chuck who sent this in to get the young girl that Blair is watching to throw in the towel in her race to lose her virginity before her friends.

Rufus breaks the news to Dan and Jenny, who both decide to keep it to themselves, or themselves and Vanessa.

A snooping classmate witnesses Dan telling Vanessa and steals his phone when he’s in the heat of the moment.

Not to mention, there are also about 366,932 reasons why Dan Humphrey wouldn’t volunteer the information that things heated up between Nate and Serena over the summer, the fact that he’s trying to win Serena back when the blast is posted being the main one.

If Dan were actually Gossip Girl, the power move would be to release that the relationship is a cover-up, rather than to draw attention to it.4.

And let’s be real, their relationship was complicated enough before they threw in a half-brother.8.