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Who is salman rushdie dating

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And in the end he lost her, yes, but it was better to lose one's illusions and live in the knowledge that the world was real, and that no woman could make it what he wanted it to be.

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But lately he’s been getting a lot of ink on gossip pages, after he publicly slapped down a female companion who eagerly tweeted to the world that she had dined with the literary ladies’ man.Liriano, who deals with beautiful women all day long, speculated that models are attracted to him because it raises their stock.“A beautiful girl wants to be taken seriously — she wants someone with that kind of gravitas to help prove she’s not just a pretty face.” Jezebel deputy editor Dodai Stewart says Rushdie probably suffers from a disease known as “trophyism.” “Clearly there are other physical varieties of women in the world, but he seems to have a specific type,” she says.“He’s probably one of those people blinded by symmetrical features,” she says.“He’s a literary rock star, and I guess having had so much praise heaped on him helps give him the ego to approach these women.PAGE SIX: RUSHDIE’S REVENGE FATWA No matter that she was easy on the eyes, and half his age.

Rushdie was “mortified” to have been linked to self-styled socialite Devorah Rose, and told Page Six he was “embarrassed” by the association. The fame and mystery help a lot for certain women,” says society photographer Patrick Mc Mullan, who has captured Rushdie with his glamorous ladies on the party scene.

He met Glenn (a brunette) at a dinner party in Los Angeles in 2007.

They dated for five months in 2009 and, true to type, Rushdie is now rumored to be squiring another bombshell around town: Topaz Page-Green, a model-turned-charity founder with searing blue eyes and chiseled cheekbones.

Sir Salman Rushdie needed consoling every year he did not win the Nobel Prize for literature, and their marriage was marred by jealousy and insecurity, according to an explosive autobiography by his former wife Padma Lakshmi.

The Indian-American model and judge on US television show Top Chef has lifted the lid on her three-year marriage to Mr Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses.

Meanwhile, Rose insists Rushdie sent her romantic Facebook messages, including one that told her how “hottt” [sic] she was. Since his 2007 divorce from one of the most beautiful women in the world, Padma Lakshmi (who, by the way, was his fourth wife), Rushdie has been spotted with one jaw-dropping beauty after the next.