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Who is savannah guthrie dating

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And the couple had some breaking news: She's four months pregnant!Don't think this is a shotgun wedding ala Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre, though: Guthrie and Feldman had already been engaged for a long time and had their wedding date set already when they learned of the bun in her oven.

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Feldman boasts nearly 20 years of experience as an adviser on national policy, political strategy and public relations. He often tweets photos of himself and pals running marathons. He's one of Gore's advisers who pushed him to demand a recount in the 2004 election.“There is absolutely no truth to this completely absurd story,” Morales was quoted as telling Page Six.“Every aspect of this story is untrue, and it’s frankly sad that someone would tell lies to harm everyone involved,” he said.Guthrie also made her return to the show four days early — another sign that has some viewers speculating that she may be desperate to secure her spot on the popular morning show.It’s been a rough week for “Today” co-host Matt Lauer, who has publicly denied a report that he’s having an affair with colleague Natalie Morales.“I don’t think you can complain about the jobs we have,” he said.

“I think I’m probably the luckiest guy in broadcasting.” You can listen here: Sixteen morning TV personalities enter, not all to much fanfare.

Megyn Kelly didn't have the smoothest transition from hard news reporter to morning show host in her first week on "Megyn Kelly TODAY." The former FOX News host got off to a cringeworthy start in her new gig at NBC, offending at least two of her high profile guests in as many days.

The ratings haven't been incredible either, though they're not downright disastrous just yet.

On two of its first three days, it came in behind "Live with Kelly and Ryan." It's also been losing viewers on a daily basis.

Let's break down all the screw-ups and criticism Kelly faced during Week One.

The pair married in the Tuscon, Arizona desert on Saturday.