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He works with actors, writers, producers, directors, athletes, and entertainment execs — and high-net-worth individuals outside entertainment.Enjoying it all: “If it’s possible for accounting to be fun, business management is the answer.

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“I was able to develop and flesh out the concept with Alex over a year,” Bolno says.It’s been very fulfilling to help them give back.” Partner, Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman As digital disrupts, Beem says clients become the ultimate hyphenates, such as online talent that assemble startups or take Hollywood acting gigs.He adds that traditional music artists and indie music labels “have a lot more control” as digital technology plugs them directly to consumers.Values: I grew up in small town in Iowa and came to L. Advice to someone who walks in the door, produces a winning $500 million lottery ticket, and asks, “What should I do next?” “Change your phone number, change your kids’ phone numbers, don’t do anything for six months,” says Bell, who has a client who won $120 million from the New York state Lottery.His clients include athletes, actors, directors, writers, producers, executives, and composers.

Happy Neigh Year: “One of my more unusual requests was arranging for the transport of a client’s ponies from one stable to another on New Year’s Eve.” Partner, MGO Showrunners are the sweet spot for Davis, who has a client list that includes big-name TV writer-producers, including Peter Lenkov (“Hawaii Five-0″) and recent addition Shonda Rhimes, along with prolific producer Roberto Orci (“Star Trek”).

Barash handles film and TV talent; entertainment executives, and family offices for non-entertainment clients.

Giving back: “I’ve been helping clients meet their philanthropic mission.

Business managers, he adds, help navigate new territories.

His clients are music artists, songwriters, composers, EDM artists, athletes, directors, producers, actors, writers, digital artists, and entertainment execs. I still hold those small-town values to relate to well-known personalities in the entertainment industry. New York-based Bell’s clients include writers and directors such as Steven Soderbergh, Cary Fukunaga, and Gavin O’Connor (“The Americans”) – as well as actor-producer Frank Grillo, TV hosts Bill O’Reilly and Lara Spencer, WPLJ radio drive-time host Jayde Donovan, and aviation journalist Richard Quest.

The sector requires people-communications skills “to put information into a business application and then feed it back to clients so they can understand it.” Besides accounting skills, business managers are also confidantes and strategic business advisors, he adds.