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Winchester model 67 serial number dating

This one has writing that is incorrect and could be removed if desired. The handle is nice and hasn't separated from the mold.

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Once the die came down, the soft lead backing and pressure would assist in shaping the stamped brass item. This die is a little larger than our other one (Z1779).Description: Here is an original working die for some sort of insignia/plate/etc.. The main female die is stamped into a brass ingot with posts on the back.This created a working die that could be used, melted, and remade rather than destroying the main die.There was, however, a 'Gallery' Model 62 that was chambered for .22 short only, and some had 'WINCHESTER' stamped on the receiver's left side.This Gallery model had a triangular loading port on the magazine loading tube.The Winchester Model 62 was produced from 1932 through 1958 with over 409,000 guns sold.

All Model 62 guns were of the take-down variety and fitted with a 23 inch round and tapered barrel.

Winchester Repeating Arms Company established itself as one of the world's leading firearms manufacturers of the world, and the subsequent rifles produced by Winchester are highly prized today by collectors all over the globe.

There had been earlier rifles produced using lever action, including the Rocket Ball and Volition Repeater in 1848, Jennings Rifle (patent 1851), Smith and Wesson pistol, and Volcanic Repeating Arms (New Haven Arms Company and Henry Rifles). Henry Tyler (shop foreman at the New Haven Arms Company), the .44 caliber metalic rimfire cartridge became powerful enough to compete with the single shot (e.g., rolling block) rifles of the day.

of the 62 Winchester Rifle, and they vary somewhat in value.

In appraising the value of your gun, you must initially determine if you have a pre-war or a post-war production gun, and then if it is a Standard or Gallery .22 Short-only model. After selecting the appropriate Model, you will be easily guided to the value range.

The first gun model produced under Winchester's name was the Model 1866, a lever-action .44 caliber rimfire rifle.