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How did the process of creating the House Rules get started?My first step was looking at other places’ safe-space policies, including one that Jodie wrote for the Rainbow Trout Music Festival, which she helps run.

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Healthy Living Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross was asked if there are statistics that prove human trafficking goes up during major sporting events, and although she could not provide hard statistics, she did say she knows of some examples. We want to stop that trend from happening.” Sexual exploitation victim Alaya Mc Ivor says she has no doubt the Grey Cup will see an increase in exploitation in Winnipeg.How is it that an establishment owned by nine men has become perhaps the most female-friendly bar in the country?Looking to circumvent the harassment-heavy ambience of some late-night clubs, the owners of Winnipeg’s The Good Will opened their coffee shop/pizzeria/bar in October of 2014 with a stocked liquor supply and a mandatory safe-space policy.A group that works with local sex trade workers says there is no proof cases of sexual exploitation and victimization go up during major sporting events, and no reason to think they will go up during next month’s Grey Cup in Winnipeg.The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women investigated the issue of sex trafficking at major sporting events, and the Winnipeg Working Group said the report looked at two World Cups, three Super Bowls, and two Olympic games.We caught up with co-owner and DJ Tyler Sneesby to talk about the House Rules, a game-changing approach to bar culture.

What inspired the decision to adopt the House Rules?

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It’s making other people in the industry realize that it’s a good idea and it is possible.

I think if more venues and concert producers do it, it’ll be good for the community.

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