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Woman frustrated with online dating

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Remember, keeping attraction going is often as hard as creating attraction in the first place, and many guys who say they "have trouble creating attraction" are actually getting attraction, and then losing it when they don't make a move.

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And the answers we got were inspiring, fascinating and gave us some great information we're going to use to give you guys better advice.But before I start, I just want to say one thing that I thought was awesome.Out of the hundreds of guys who replied to this survey, nobody wrote anything negative about women.Sometimes it's because you just didn't create a deep enough connection when you met.But once you know where you're making a mistake, you can start working on a solution.I'm going to devote a future post entirely to the different signals you get from women and how to interpret them.

18% of our respondents wrote back that their biggest frustration was having difficulty creating or keeping attraction.

But when it comes to getting a date (or sometimes a second date) these guys somehow lose the girl.

These guys wrote in saying things like: Flaking is something that most guys start dealing with as soon as they learn to be assertive and ask for the phone number in the first place.

Other guys were frustrated by the signals women give to men.

11% of guys gave answers like: Reading the signals that women give can be difficult, and it’s a common problem that guys face right when they’re starting out. First it's hard because women often do give mixed signals - sometimes a tease is a test, sometime's it's actually disinterest.

But, if you follow the right steps, you can cut flaking by at least 80%.