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Women and dating and rules

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You’re still going to bring your best, most authentic self to a date.You’re still going to see if you feel chemistry and could be compatible.

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She’d changed her schedule to accommodate these “super-busy” working men, spent money on everything from a book to a new outfit, and had generally been confused by their behavior from start to finish. Make sure you’re not stressing or over-investing during the first several dates.However, my absolute favorite way is probably the simplest: Be real. If you are consistently gut-checking, wondering if your behaviors read “too interested,” then you’re not acting crazy.The good guys have perhaps barely registered your interest at all, and you’re not filtering hard enough for the bad ones (we’ll get to that; keep reading).And yet for most of history, we’ve let men take the reins and plan dates. Yes, historically, men have been in the driver’s seat as we mate and date.Today, as we are now dating our full-fledged equals, some norms need to hit the wayside.Though women are more empowered than ever before, I still find many heterosexual female daters to be adhering to old-school rules.

These rules are limiting, and they don’t match our current culture’s pace and need for filters to determine who’s genuinely worth your time and effort.

If he’s a player and he’s been toying with you, his interest will drop off a cliff when you start reaching out.

If your allure lies totally in “the game” and being unavailable, a player will stop chasing you when you’re no longer running.

This is sometimes why dates are so-o-o-o delayed among the career set; men have to think about it, they’re not good multitaskers, and they haven’t had the time.

Don’t cripple the already plan-averse man, who barely knows you, by making him come up with something you may or may not like to do and figure out when to do it.

While I don’t believe men who like you will always call or text you, I If I had a nickel for every guy who’s told me, “I’m not a good planner,” then I’d be rich.