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I take my underpants off and lie down with my legs spread wide apart and my feet up against the glass, and I start fingering my pussy.I decide to give them all some extra time and arrange to have a private show in the back room, where I am the center of attention.There are rows of chairs laid out in front of the stage and gradually each one is filled with all of Bruce’s friends.I wanted it all, while still remaining safe behind the untouchableness of mystical appeal.In spite of, or perhaps because of, my average middle-class upbringing — average face behind average glasses framed by average brown hair — I wanted the thrill reserved only for sex gods and goddesses, the glamour of being judged for my sexual prowess, the allure of being judged not by my intellect (which I felt anyone dedicated to reading the right books could achieve), but of being judged by something far more difficult to accomplish – endless legs, luscious hair, tender breasts, and intoxicating beauty. Videos on exotic dancing will give her ideas on how to dance like a stripper. Later during sex, once your woman is in a highly suggestible Blissnotic state, stand her up and tell her, You’ll also want to have some music ready for her to dance to.On the beach often times I’m most titillated when seeing a woman with her top on, just waiting for her to take it off.

The unknown, what you have but a hint of, can be more exciting than what you fully know.

When a woman begins to strip, it’s a delicious tease because she’s slowly torturing you.

Part of the appeal for a woman is the thrill of being desired and being able to tease her man to a state of complete sexual excitement...if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique speaking technique I decoded.

He starts to rapidly jerk his penis up and down, faster and faster, gasping for his breath, until he comes all over the glass and I come all over my hand.

His time is up and he leaves.”“In my fantasy my fiancé and his friends meet at our local club on a Sunday afternoon.

— only a cool girlfriend that DANCES and strips for you!