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The articles are usually short, but actually offer highly technical, step-by-step instructions on how to do the task at hand, and the tricks and tweets absolutely work, unless the exploit has been patched.It’s a small blog, but it’s a good one for the volume of technical tricks While the name, Evil Zone, isn’t exactly the most inviting – it is easily one of the largest forum communities that you’ll find on the subject of hacking.

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They may feel too simple and basic – for “script-kiddies” as some might say.Platforms in use are shifting from computer-based to more mobile and tablet hacking efforts, there’s much greater emphasis on social networks and the many hacks that are possible there, and all of the other new technologies and hacker tools available.The sites that keep up with these changing times will survive, while those that are stuck in the decades-old mentality of hackerdom-gone-by are doomed to fail.You might be surprised to learn just how many people want to learn how to hack.The stereotype is that of the young college guy – a computer science major for sure – who spends his evenings and weekends writing up intricate hacking scripts to break into whatever computer system he can get his hands on.You’d definitely be best off working through the programming and encyclopedia sections first, where you’ll find areas with projects, tutorials and a lot more that will help you become educated and well-versed in hacking techniques and terminology.

While I certainly don’t want to offer a nod to any blogs that may be considered competition, you really have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to a particular niche like hacking – and Hack a Day definitely offers an amazing library of information for anyone looking for specific categories like cellphones, GPS or digital cameras.

White hat hackers call themselves “ethical hackers”, in that they find vulnerabilities simply to make systems and applications more secure for everyone.

However, there’s a whole community of hackers – the black hats – who find vulnerabilities only to exploit them as much as possible.

The truth is that what was once a male-dominated community is fast changing into one that includes folks – men and women – from many walks of life, from many countries and with many backgrounds.

This is the natural evolution of such communities – but when searching for places to go online to learn how to hack, it’s important to remember that because demographics and the world itself is changing, what you’ll find at most of the hacker websites are also changing significantly as well.

Hack In The Box has really change significantly through the years.