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We talked and laughed for hours - I smiled all the way home and he even told his flatmate that he'd met his future wife! We met for our first date at Gordon's wine bar and hit it off immediately.

Balance transfer offers and introductory fees limited to transfer made with 60/90 days of account opening. Login with your old address, wait a few seconds for the Login link (top right of the screen) to change to My profile | Logout.Then click on My profile and enter your new address and follow the instructions.At Lovestruck, we'll help you find who likes what you like via our date ideas tool.Or you may prefer our highly acclaimed singles events, which are fun and full to the brim with gorgeous singles.Exclusive events Our Lovestruck events are the talk of the Hong Kong dating scene.

From regular special event nights to our famous free-to-attend Laissez-Faire parties where you are free to mingle with up to 900 people in attendance, there's always something on for you to meet new people in a fun and relaxed way. Date discovery Our incredible date matching device allows you find people who like doing the kind of stuff you do in your free time, saving on those endless "what do you want to do? Create your own fun date and get asked out, or ask out a Lovestrucker with a unique date idea!

Using Google Cloud wouldn't be surprising, given that Niantic is a Google spin-out. The only other specifically Pokémon-related job posting on Niantic's site is for a Global Community Manager, who would help lead the company's relationships with players.

But using Amazon Web Services would be funny, given that Amazon CTO Werner Vogels took a Twitter potshot at Niantic over the server issues when the game first launched. Intriguingly, the job requirements include organizing real-life player meetups, which means that officially-sanctioned Pokémon hunts could be a thing.

Create the server infrastructure to support our hosted AR/Geo platform underpinning projects such as Pokémon GO using Java and Google Cloud.

You will work on real-time indexing, querying and aggregation problems at massive scales of hundreds of millions of events per day, all on a single, coherent world-wide instance shared by millions of users.

So you can meet them for half an hour over a coffee or something stronger to see if there's any chemistry.