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Twenty years later, Víctor Plaza (Liberto Rabal) shows up for a date with Elena (Francesca Neri), a junkie with whom he had sex a week earlier.Elena is waiting for her drug dealer to arrive and orders Víctor to leave, eventually threatening him with a gun. The older cop, Sancho (José Sancho), is an unstable alcoholic who suspects his wife Clara (Angela Molina) of infidelity.

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Víctor has made good use of his time in jail, taking a correspondence course in education, working out, and enriching his mind with a variety of subjects, including the Bible. His mother has died, leaving him some money and a house in an area scheduled for demolition.Víctor visits his mother's grave, where he encounters Elena at her father's burial service.Without identifying himself, he briefly offers her his condolences. Elena, now off drugs and operating an orphanage, tells David of her encounter with Víctor.Víctor is reminded of the circumstances of his own birth, and tells his unborn child that the Spanish people no longer live in fear as they did at the time of his birth.Almodóvar’s twelfth film premiered on October 12, 1997.Before leaving the cemetery he encounters Sancho's wife Clara, who has arrived too late for Elena's service. David stops by Víctor's house and warns him not to go near his wife.

Víctor challenges him to prevent him from doing whatever he wants, but David punches him below the belt.

Clara, unable to bear Sancho's abuse any longer, leaves him in a violence scene, leaving him bloodied.

David arrives and helps Sancho clean his wounds before showing Sancho photographs he has been taking of Víctor and Clara.

Two years later, Víctor, in jail, watches a wheelchair basketball match.

David, now partially paralyzed from the gunshot two years earlier, is a star player in the 1992 Summer Paralympics.

Elena objects, but can offer no compelling argument against Víctor.