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Yoo ji tae dating

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He also established his own production company Yoo Movie in 2005.

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With the surprise success of his third film Ditto in spring 2000, Yoo's star status was secured.A graduate of Dankook University with a major in Theater and Film, he also established a theater to put on one play a year.Almost all the money for the theatrical productions comes from his own wallet.He also appeared in the successful firefighting film Libera Me.In this early part of his career, he was known particularly for the wild colors that he would dye his hair (white in Attack the Gas Station, blue in Ditto, blonde in Libera Me).For the next two years, Yoo didn't appear in any new films, because Natural City took an unusually long time to progress from shooting to a commercial release.

He then appeared in three works in 2003: Natural City (which bombed, despite its big budget and special effects), the horror/suspense film Into the Mirror, and Park Chan-wook's acclaimed Oldboy.

And the person that I fall in love with happens to be a woman." which tells the story of six individuals assigned by the highest level authorities of their respective countries to protect the three countries' joint economic area from being infiltrated by a hostile organization.

The ceremony was officiated by the president of World Vision Korea; Yoo and Kim then donated a portion of their monetary gifts to the organization to help build an elementary and middle school in Myanmar.

In the succeeding years, he gained acting recognition by working with acclaimed directors such as Hur Jin-ho in One Fine Spring Day (2001), Park Chan-wook in Oldboy (2003), and Hong Sang-soo in Woman is the Future of Man (2004).

Yoo began directing short films in 2003, which were well received in the film festival circuit.

Yoo Ji Tae did what every groom should do – look good in a perfectly cut tux and stand next to the bride and beam.