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You dating cat

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Blue-eyed Dinky, for example, hates "being talked to in a baby voice," noting "I am 36 in cat years.Please stop." Tuxedo cat Honey dislikes birds, but not for normal cat reasons.

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Shelter Executive Director Christy Keefe says the effort was appreciated, but it didn't translate to adoptions -- though the posters have garnered more than 300,000 views online."Since the post has gone viral we have had one person who came into the rescue who had seen the post who wanted to visit some cats, and one online donation for $20 by someone who thought it was funny," Keefe said.Here, I’ve put together a compendium of cat GIFs that explain all the ways dating a cat person is kind of awesome.According to a recent survey of 600 college students at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the self-identified cat owners scored higher on intelligence than self-identified dog-owners.Comedian Jeff Wysaski has entertained the internet for years by leaving humorous signs and other items in plain view, rewarding sharp-eyed readers.(Check out his Obvious Plant Facebook and Instagram accounts for more projects.)Last week, Wysaski turned his talents to creating funny profiles for cats up for adoption at his local animal shelter, the Sante D'Or Foundation in Los Angeles.A cat person will always be down with being alone together, and will always carve out some alone time without being an asshole about it.

Cat people are masters of reading body language, but they’re also masters of understanding the subtext that underlies nonverbal communications like different kinds of eye contact and sleeping positions.

"In fact we have had more reporters with inquiries than potential adopters."Keefe notes the shelter is a small, nonprofit, no-kill shelter run by volunteers, and though the posters came as a surprise, they did get a laugh from the effort."And we are still trying to track down the warlock who turned Delores into a cat," she said, referring to one of the most popular posters.

"But until we find him, or find her a forever home as a cat, she is welcome to live with us."You can read about the actual cats at the Sante D'Or shelter page.

The same study reported cat people tend to be more nonconformist than their dog-loving peers.

(Then again, as a self-identified not-dumb dog owner, I’m inclined to challenge this idea of who’s “smarter.”) In general, I’ve found many cat people love most other kinds of animals, making them more “overall animal” people than just “cat people.” If you own a dog, or a fish, or a human roommate, they’ll be cool with that.

An easy test, that is also a game: Time how long it takes you to find out where they keep the litter box.