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When I first began writing the toughest salesletter of my life, my advertising had already sold over one million dollars of products online.

Why would you stay in and hibernate when you have a city chock-full of possibilities waiting for you? There are more than a handful of popular bars downtown. Now, look at both your lists, and consider how you can turn your challenges into advantages, based on what you really want to do and who truly is a good match for you. (Hint: List as many “not a fit” categories as you can and make them as large as possible).Dundas Square, the Eaton Centre, Yorkville, Kensington Market, the Rogers Centre, the ACC.I mean, it depends what you consider a short walk but location-wise, you can't do much better. She knows what classes are running at the same time it's playing. Just say the correct course code and you're in brotha. This exponentially improved the odds of matching with a woman who’d be physically attracted to me. but there’s one more thing I want to cover next time.

Because of my ability to advertise, I could get my message in front of women I would otherwise never meet. Oftentimes you’ll find, as I did, that the solution to your challenges is not giving a shit what most people think about you.

School isn't all fun and games when your future is always staring you right in the face.

As they say, if you'd rather land a corporate internship than read a textbook under a tree—then Ryerson is your go-to.

It's hard for a Ryerson girl to not have a nice booty when the escalators in Ted Rogers are never working.

And lets not get started on the elevators—you best believe we have taken the stairs to the 8th floor of the SLC before.

What challenges you most about winning over your potential customers?