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separation is the distance between the centers of two camera lenses (specifically the entrance pupils.) The human interocular separation is an important constant stereographers use to make calculations for interaxial separation.Beware that Interaxial separation is often incorrectly referred to as “Interocular” and vise-versa.

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This is why converging on an object will make it appear to be at the screen.These few terms may seem daunting at first but they will form the basis of your stereoscopic knowledge. In the world of visual effects it primarily refers to CGI modeling.This is why stereographers refer to the craft specifically as “stereoscopic 3D” or simply “S3D” to differentiate it from 3D CGI.In the professional world of stereoscopic cinema it has become the norm to refer to interaxial separation as “i.o.” even though it is the incorrect term.Binocular Vision simply means that two eyes are used in the vision system.What you may not immediately perceive is that everything behind the pen appears as a double image (diverged.) Now look at the background behind the pen and your pen will suddenly appear as two pens because your eyes are no longer converged on it.

This “double-image” is , which would mean that your eyes would angle outward.

It’s actually quite easy to get started and learn the basics of stereoscopic 3D photography.

You won’t be able to sell yourself as a stereographer after reading this beginner’s guide (it literally takes years to learn all the aspects of shooting and build the necessary experience to shoot good stereoscopic 3D) but I guarantee you will have some fun and impress your friends.

When we look around at objects at different distances from us the images of those objects will be projected on our retinas in slightly different locations for each eye.

Our brain can interpret this “Retinal Disparity” and help us determine depth.

This is because the furthest point you could possible attempt to look at is at infinity and even infinity would only require that your eyes be angled perfectly parallel to each other.