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Abby lincoln nigel uno dating fanfiction

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Whenever I wanted to get away from home or work I came here."Nigel went over to sit by her, both turning and staring outside."This is one of the beautiful things here.""What the other? Nigel looked at her and brushed away a fallen hair covering those brown eyes, "you."She felt her face red and smiled. Thanks."The two stayed quiet for a few minutes looking outside.Nigel put his hand in his pocket and took out a black pouch.

" Rachel asked."Oh ye know, going to Ireland to see me aunts and uncles," Numbuh 86, aka Fanny Fulbright said."That sounds fun. ""Oh going back to Canada this time to see my grandparents," Numbuh 60, known as Patton Drilovsky folded his arms."Well that's good... Fanny looked away, blushing a bit for him not to notice."Well I...A mushcache easily covered the top of his mouth and his clothes could he is from England.The boy ran through the sand once more before meeting his eyes with a girl about age."Once everyone began to leave, Nigel went over to find his team."Hey Numbuh 1, nice speech you had," Numbuh 5, aka Abigail (Abby) Lincoln's voice came behind him.Nigel turned to see his whole team behind him, "hello teammates and thanks for thanking me Abby.""Anytime.""So Numbuh 1, you going to Lime Rick's with us? " Numbuh 3, aka Kuki Sanban said, cheerful."While you get that, I'm getting the new pepper soda," Numbuh 4, actually named Wallabee (Wally) Beatles smirked."Well I won't be joining you to going there... you might as well be dating Lizzie and still rather go see Rachel," Hoagie chuckled."Well I'll tell Rachel you guys said hi," Nigel walked away, as his team laughed walking to the kids bar.(9 Years Earlier...)A young Brit played in the sandbox alone while other kids were on the jungle set, swings, slides, and spider-web.

He played with his little red truck, driving it into his blue truck."Vroom...vroom," the boy's truck crashed into a pile of sand.

moved here yesterday."The Englishman put the paper down and held his hand out, "Monty Uno.""Jeffery Mc Kenzie," he shook his hand."So..your only child?

""Nah, I have an eight year old right over there." He pointed to a blond girl by another blond boy on the spider-web, "and the boy is my nephew.

"Patton and Fanny exchanged glances, "just let him do the talking..ask him what he's doing for Spring Break."Rachel heard Nigel getting closer, "what if he asked me?

"Patton and Fanny did unison, "answer him back."Before she knew it Nigel was right behind her. Patton and Fanny looked at eachother, "we'll be at Lime Rick's." The two operatives walked away leaving Nigel and Rachel the only two left in the auditorium.

He stared at the girl and said something the Brit couldn't understand.