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Agnostic dating mormon

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Yet all too commonly, these divine gifts are desecrated.

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Unfortunately, they then discover that Mormonism’s history since 1830 is fraught — and its most ancient claims don’t make a necessarily compelling case along many scientific fields (anthropology, Egyptology, etc.,) Christianity, being a religion founded before the modern, science-driven, secularized era, has a lot of its major claims taken for granted, and it has had plenty more years for people to comfortably develop models where certain scriptures can be taken metaphorically.However, per Pew Research’s , of the 30% of those polled who reported converting from their childhood Mormonism, around half claimed to convert to no religion. Why do those who lose faith in Mormonism also lose faith in God and Christ? The entire underpinning of the Latter-day Saint restorationism is the idea that the way Christ Christianity to work was corrupted or lost. With the Great Apostasy, many “plain and precious truths” were taken out of the Bible — which is why Mormons believe (as per the 8th Article of Faith) the Book of Mormon to be the word of God (period), but only believe the Bible to be the word of God there is room that any given part of the Bible may not be translated correctly, which necessitates Mormonism to provide the exegesis and fill in the gaps.This reasoning leads to the 2nd point: When I was young, I used to crinkle my nose at my evangelical friends whose churches hired pastors as a full-time job.Perhaps one realizes that they had what they would have formerly called a spiritual experience during a decidedly non-spiritual time (like when listening to a piece of secular music), or perhaps one realizes that a particular prayer that they thought they had a solid answer to ended up going wrong.If one then starts to study the psychological effects that can describe these sorts of things (confirmation bias for when prayers work, for example), the basic issue is that those same psychological effects can be applied to claims of spiritual experiences from all religious traditions.Hinckley] has interpreted oral sex as constituting an unnatural, impure, or unholy practice.

The MOHO Directory is a growing collection of personal blogs from LGBT people, who are current Mormons or former Mormons of every variety.

This is a light example, but the mismatch struck me.

The traditional Christian norm seemed utterly unappealing to me.

So, one can put a question like, “Why don’t disaffected Mormons become traditional Christians?

” in a similar vein to, “Why don’t disaffected Christians become Jews?

In , Terryl and Fiona Givens raise the case (even if they believe the Mormon concept of apostasy to be a cultural misperception) that the God of Mormonism is vulnerable enough to be worthy of our admiration, respect, and devotion — but in a way, to assert this is simply to say that the omni- God of traditional Christianity is incapable of such vulnerability, and thus not worthy of our devotion.