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Amy lee dating shaun morgan

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The band released an album later that year, entitled Fragile.Featured on the soundtrack for the 2004 film , the song was the first single released from the album.The single quickly rose to number one on the Mainstream and Modern Rock charts.Rock band Seether originated in South Africa in 1999 with the stage name of Saron Gas.The band changed their name to the current Seether in 2002.Seether went on to release their debut major-label album, Disclaimer, on 20 August 2002.

Since then, Seether has released four more studio albums; Karma and Effect (2005), Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (2007), Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray (2011) and Isolate and Medicate (2014).

His amp of choice has been the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier which he has modified to his own presets that are not available on stock models.

Morgan mainly performs with Mesa 4x12 cabs, but in 2011 he was seen using a huge Mesa Boogie dummy stack.

Morgan spent all of his early life in South Africa.

His parents divorced when Morgan was still a child.

In his third year of playing rugby, Morgan injured his back and was unable to play anymore, which then lead to him following his passion of playing guitar (his stepfather bought him his first guitar).