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Ann arbor dating

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And I'm continuously meeting amazing and diverse people in this town."Living center stage on Main Street, James enjoys dining out for both business and pleasure in the downtown area.

Eastern Michigan University graduate and former downtown Ypsilanti resident Kristin Harsch points out that driving between the city she works in (Ann Arbor) and the city where much of her social life takes place (Ypsilanti) can be difficult without mass transit or the presence of a reliable designated driver."The Ypsilanti social scene is isolated," she says, "It's not ideal for meeting new people, or finding potential dates, but it is ideal for hanging out with friends.The advantage of downtown Ypsilanti is that it offers a walkable area that makes it easy to barhop without any driving."Although the Ypsi dating scene is dry, both in her experience and that of her friends, Harsh recommends the area for its selection of live music venues and friendly atmospheres.She likes the dive bar Elbow Room and Keystone Underground, a martini bar offering music on Friday nights.Sonia Gill is a recently unattached thirty-something who works as a development director for the University of Michigan.Like many professionals, she appreciates a soothing, recession-friendly happy hour after work: The Blue Tractor offers a relaxed vibe at the nifty chilled bar; Old Town Tavern offers the chance for conversations that don't suck; The Real Seafood Co rocks for drinks and appetizers; and Eve satisfies her hankering for something a little more elegant.At the same time, what better way to mingle with your friends and soak up the local intelligence than by sipping espresso in an off-campus café like Expresso Royale (Main Street), Sweetwaters (Washington), or Bombadill's Café in Ypsilanti (Michigan Ave)., Washtenaw County's many social and networking groups afford a streamlined way to expand your circle of friends.

Rich in galleries, festivals and events, the area affords numerous opportunities for mingling with those who have similar interests to yours.

"Ann Arbor is also great for brunches and happy hours, and I think that's where a lot of the social interactions focus."To James, Melange and Pacific Rim By Kana are ideal spots for twenty and thirty-somethings to hang out because "they are well-run, and offer good food and service." He frequently takes business colleagues to dinner there.

He also likes Sava's State Street Café for a bit of business and pleasure: He eats, works on his laptop and often chats with friends he runs into there.

There are plenty of opportunities and venues for linking up.

Your mother may have been right after all Did all those mothers have a point when they told us that nobody meets anyone in a bar?

"I'm happily not married, pregnant, or buying a condo, as a friend of mine loves to say," she says of her single lifestyle. "Ann Arbor was a great town to study in, but I'm ready to leave.