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Ashley massaro dating

Massaro did get revenge by defeating her old foes in a Bra and Panties Gauntlet match at the “New Years Revolution” Pay-Per-View event.

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No matter what endeavors this Diva engages in, she is destined to conquer.From there on in, Massaro went on a losing streak, teaming with Maria. She appeared in some films, music videos and TV shows thereafter.In late 2016, Massaro made a claim against the WWE that she was sexually assaulted during the annual “Tribute to the Troops” show the WWE prides itself on. Favorite Music Group(s): Mostly hip hop and rap, love pop and punk/emo Favorite Music Artist(s): BLACK EYED PEAS!! Ashley/Randy pairing, also features Matt Hardy, Trish Stratus, and others circa 2005. Massaro did not win Survivor (she was eliminated in the second episode) and showed up back up in the WWE in 2008 as part of the Raw brand.

A storyline was developed where Massaro tried to convince fellow Diva Maria Kanelis to pose for Playboy magazine.

She then affiliated herself with the tag team of Bryan Kendrick and Paul London as their valet.

She became romantically involved with London behind the scenes having broken up with her previous beau, Matt Hardy.

She was (kayfabe) fired by Vince Mc Mahon for spilling coffee on him.

In reality, she needed time off as she was chosen to be a contestant on the popular reality show Survivor in its 15th season.

She was attacked by Torrie Wilson, Victoria and Candice Michelle.