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When Rita was told what had happened, she was devastated and her world turned upside down.Sharon returned to comfort her, and she was shocked to learn that Len had been having an affair.

However, we soon saw Ken with Rita, who by this time had started dating and begun a relationship with Len Fairclough.She tracked down the woman she was looking for - Marjorie Proctor - and the two mourned together.Though Len was gone, Rita mentioned him again in 1995 during the argument with Bet Gilroy that ended their friendship.But this time Rita was going out of Len's life for six months on a singing contract to Tenerife. Len took her to the airport, but she never boarded the plane, and several weeks later they were married by special licence.In 1981, they were unable to adopt, due to their age, being too old, but for some time after much deliberation, took in a foster child, Sharon Gaskell in 1982.Depressed, she took a job as a kennel maid in Sheffield and after a sad farewell to Rita and Len, she left the Street.

Rita and Len may not have got on well at times, but Rita cared a lot about him.

Rita Tanner (née Littlewood, previously Fairclough and Sullivan) is a long-standing Coronation Street resident and the owner/co-owner of newsagents shop The Kabin. She entered the Rovers Return where she and Dennis, who had also been working the clubs, recognised each other.

Rita was first seen in 1964 when she was working as a nightclub singer.

In 2012, she married for the third time to Dennis Tanner on 4th June.

She had known Dennis on and off throughout her life. From 1973 to 2009, Rita ran the newsagents, working first with Mavis Riley as assistant, establishing a years-long friendship, and later Norris Cole, who bought half of the shop from Rita in 2006 and the rest in 2009, when Rita sold her remaining share after deciding to retire.

When her marriage ended in violence, Rita leaned on Len and took a job singing in a nightclub. Fiery Rita and stubborn Len faced a number of obstacles as well as breakups and makeups before finally marrying on 20th April 1977 after a five year on-off relationship.