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Battlenet profile not updating

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As for the app I installed it yesterday evening which is when this all went wrong, it was in this app that I initially appeared as a lvl 85 with incorrect details and could therefore not use any of the features and this appears to have also spread to the web version since it was correct until this point.Im having a similar problem, my char is 90 since the release but the armory shows 2 of the same chars on Silvermoon EU, mine was 85 human female but it now a 90 male human and it wont let me click the 90 one just shows im 85 etc etc, dont help when linking your armory and it shows your 85 when you clearly know you aint Same problem here...

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Can you please look into this as its not simply a case of the armory not having updated.The armory profile for this character has broken, It was fine last week but after installing the mobile app for the i Phone it seems to have reverted to a previous version.When searching Tarqy on the site there are 2 options the old lvl 85 character on another server and in my old guild then the new 90 version however i am unable to access the 90 version, the mouse over seems to think its a lvl 1 blood elf and it says I'm not above lvl 10 on the page suggestions on how to fix this?Profiles used to update when you logged out of game. Only way I've seen suggested to 'force' an update is to change your battlenet password, but that's not guarenteed either.I've tried logging in and out etc, other characters on my account are updating fine, it just appears to be this one.

Also the mobile app has some serious issues, not sure if they are with i OS 6 or the update to Wo W but the thing crashes every 30 seconds so you cannot use it. The level ten error is the generic one, so it can at times be inaccurate.

It's been ~8 hours and still both the Army and Hero API are returning my old gear which I am not wearing any more.

Even my paragon level is unchanged since before Tuesday's maintenance. Could you also please look into seeing if there's any issues with account and character sheet time stamps as well; the users of my fansite are also experiencing similar issues with one noting an unchanged timestamp.(quote from a user from my support thread at my site)...

If you know the exact battletag you can visit the official site: There you will find a nice diablo oriented display of all the important and more or less unimportant stats including but not limited to: Equipment, followers, playtime and enemies killed.

However if you don't know the exact battletag you can visit the semi official site Here you can just look for the player name whithout the #numberhere.

I read in another thread, that Blizz says, it is the large amount of data, being sent to the armoury, especially after MOP has gone live, that is the cause, of the application (armoury) not updating correctly.