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Play Piano TODAY is the only software we reviewed that sells all the lessons on DVD for a one-time cost.

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Piano Marvel and Playground Sessions both have tools to help educators track student progress and leave constructive feedback.These are the only programs we tested that have these features.Song Requests If you’re interested in learning specific songs on the piano, look for software that lets you choose what to play.Piano Marvel, Playground Sessions, Flowkey, Piano Keyz and Online Pianist all allow you to request specific songs for lessons.When you play something that is familiar or a song that you enjoy, it makes learning piano that much more fun and easy.Each reviewer tracked the concepts taught in the first two lessons and described their overall experience with the service.

More experienced players tested some of the lessons designed for advanced players, and beginners tested beginning lessons to provide a fair assessment of all the piano services.

If you do, the software can track your progress, showing you the wrong notes you played and how you have improved since your last practice session.

A MIDI controller with 88 keys (the same number of keys as a piano) allows you to interact with your lessons, and it is an inexpensive alternative to a piano. You can also purchase an inexpensive piano keyboard for around the same price, or even less, but you won't be able to interact with the online lessons and track progress in quite the same way as you would with a MIDI controller.

You can use a MIDI controller to track your progress and adjust the tempo of songs to help you get through the hardest parts.

Piano With Willie is the most expensive subscription-based software we tested, but it is still cheaper than taking in-person lessons and has more than 3,500 tutorials.

The video tutorials visually demonstrate how to play songs and teach important concepts so you have the necessary building blocks to progress.