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By identifying the position of users you have the chance to see if the person with which you come connected are in the same city or or on the other side of the world.

On peut donc le nommé chatroulette français même si il y a d’autres nationalité de représentée, nous y reviendrons plus tard, a force d’utiliser ce tchatroulette vous allez vous rendre compte également qu’il y a beaucoup de personne qui vous « next », c’est parfois barbant mais c’est la loi sur les chatroulettes, il vous faut alors être plus original et moins classic, c’est un signe qui ne trompe pas !In terms of features, as I noted at the beginning it is as much of a Chatroulette imitator as there ever was.I don’t really see any distinctive features on it anywhere, nothing that really makes it unique or different from any ordinary roulette webcam chat service.Bazoocam is as much of a Chatroulette imitator as a site can be, but it does have a differentiator unrelated to the features of the site. Well, despite the fact that the site name doesn’t really sound French (at least not to me), the site has a focus on France-based users.And not only does it have this focus, but it has successfully executed upon this focus, while also seemingly attracting a large following from Italian users as well.Alright, that about does it, the URL for Bazoocam is actually a little odd, it’s note the

Frequented by many Italians and frenchs, but not only!

Bazoocam can be considered one of the most well known and widespread randomchat/chatroulette.

It has nothing to envy to the best random chat, but you can just say it's one of the great!

I don’t really know, I’m no expert on the subject, but I can tell you that Alexa traffic data does show this to be the case.

Anyway, as I noted before, this is basically an exact roulette webcam chat imitation with nothing unique about it.

So, I guess really it’s the user base that makes it different and that’s about it.