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Schoch, of Danville, Synodi- fellows and you won't be able to join ! Somewhere they obtained added to the night's entertainment, possession of a car — pardon me, we j Every one attending commented on mean a Ford, and drove, and drove, : the wonderful selections of the orches- to compete in the Penn Relays. , compare favorably with that in any The Bureau of Placements of the In- other profession, it is said. If, however, the student has completed some of the elementary accountancy subjects in school in addition to his general academic studies, he will find that work helpful. Though so rati in extent its mass is not as large as might he assumed on account of its Comparative! To make a necessary purchase a man chewing garlic, holding a tar rope in his hand, with a bag of camphor hang- ing about his throat and smelling a sponge wetted with vinegar would cautiously enter a shop, seise his pur- chase, throw money on the counter and rush out.

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It may be little, but it certainly camper is approached by the novice j you stroll back to camp and roll up | And warned poor Nathan that the is powerful. by drawling lamely, "I go because 1 1 higher up, the mournful Pleiades be- the ladder of eucceaa and the greatest like to." By taking you through a day |gan their nightly search for their lost failures in the world are those who of camp with me I believe I shall be sister. At 12 o'clock the final strains of the music died away and the stud- ents promenaded back to the dormi- tories, fully pleased with a delightful school can be proud of her relay team, for third place carries with it honors, for each man was presented with a beautiful bronze medal. eating and amusing games were play- • Think this over, and if you have any (1 throughout the country. An attractive sum was realized and turn- ed over to the Ladies' Auxiliary. FLOWERS for ALL OCCASIONS Visitors Always Welcome at Our Green Houses GEO. RINE BELL 32-Y FLORIST SELINSGROVE LYTLE'S PHARMACY THE REXALL DRUG STORE Refurnished Throughout, Modern and Appealing in Every Respect. Mars (Planetoids), Jupi- ter, Saturn, 1'ranus and Neptune. The installation was in charge of Miss Hazel Ritchey, national presi- dent, who came from Nebraska to officiate. The match opened with Herbst op- posing Kiercofft, who proved to be no match for the agile captain of Os- teopathy and lost in Straight set, 6-0, 6-0. KEENER (Continued from Page 1) Subscription $1.50 a Year, Payable to Charles E. Enterej at the Post Office at Selinsgrove, Pa Matter. S GIRl S' NEW STUDENT COUNCIL TO BE INSTALLED THURSDAY nsual consent game. evening's entertainment, had lost at the beginning of the year. The Commit* * tee's object is to make this gift to the Shakespeare-Memorial Theatre as dis- j, afl r.*«* j ui. Talcums, Face Powders and Toilet Articles fo All Kinds. Thesf bodies to the unaided eye ap- pear as stars and were so regarded by the ancients, but they are not self luminous and their brightness is due to r HIected sunlight and their relative nearness to the earth. Miss Catherine Miller and Miss Jacobs, of the Ithaca Conserva- tory of Music, were also present to participate in the inaugural of this chapter. PRACTICING HARD TO AVENGE THIS DEFEAT IN NEXT GAME The s. Member Intercollegiate Newspaper Association of the Middle Atlantic States E. in association with Universal Media Studio Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series The Big Bang Theory CBS Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc.Television Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO HBO Entertainment Larry David as Himself Glee FOX A Ryan Murphy TV Production in association with 20th Century Fox TV Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester Monk USA Universal Cable Productions in association with Mandeville Films and ABC Studios Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk The Office NBC Deedle-Dee Productions and Reveille LLC in association with Universal Media Studios Steve Carell as Michael Scott 30 Rock NBC Broadway Video, Little Stranger, Inc.Register at our free dating agency and we will help you to meet singles girls and sexy women, check out their photos and profiles, post your personal ad and upload your photo.

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" The maiden raised her head, camp and make supper. A Russel (rouse 28 Conservatory Grace Beckley '27 ....

After supper And with a look of sweetness and ac- you unroll your blankets and make cord. A Naomi Fogle |2S Seibert Hall Mary Hutchens ;30 d h ke more , Y. , ., ,, T College Luke Rhoads '30 Calendar Albert Salem '28 \ lake and then breaks out with its But confidently still, and said, I pray Humor Henry Hartley '30 "The Mill Pond" Lester Lutz '26'demoniac laughter. You throw more night Report me as one who loves his fel- wood on your fire. the lake shore and try to conjecture the weather for tomorrow. The for fair weather, of course, but you ; next night are woods-philosopher enough to take! " itself, for if you do your work now [Ten to one he flounders around for instead of at some future time you an answer, and when the answer is have really won something, Charac- forthcoming it is disjointed and ters are built on the use of this simple sketchy and, if your camper is an old word.

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THE SUSQUEHANNA May 1927 to May 1928 MISSING ISSUES 17&18 Volume XXXIV 7 The Susquehanna SELINSGROVE, PA., TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1927 WM. " So pitiful was it that' , we, being a kind and generous nature ONLY FIFTY COUPLES ATTENDED Annual Junior Prom Drew Small Crowd BIGGEST SOCIAL EVENT OF YEAR. Fisher, 500 West : Pine street, Selinsgrove, Pa., on Sat- urday, April 30. Any-|was a leather vanity case on tra and how well they were rendered. There was a profusion of good of the financial organization and ad- coaxes you to contribute something, things and seasonal delicacies to ! LUMBER, NILL WORK and BUILDING MATERIAL PROMPT SERVICE Selinsgrove, Pa. Paxton Brick Company 8MOOTH AND ROUGH FACE Building Brick — and — Paving Blocks Office— Watsontown, Pa. For churches, colleges, lodge rooms, residences, etc. The time it takes these planets to describe their orbits varies from approximately three months to 164 years. D., President Susquehanna University is located in the heart of the beautiful Susquehanna Valley. Dor- mitories and recitation buildings are in excellent condition with all modern conveniences. S ALUMNUS MEETING WITH GREAT SUCCESS IN NEW PASTORATE Rev. FIRST CHAPTER IN STATE OF PENN- SYLVANIA With impressive ceremony tie Mu Sigma (lamina sorority of Susque- hanna University on last Thursday evening became the 48th chapter and Sigma Omega Chapter of the Sigma Alpha Iota National Girls Fraternity, thereby bringing the first national so- rority on the campus. This was the first match of the day to get three The second doubles match and las- match of the day paired Bard and Vorlage against Davis and Van Lahr which went to S. Captain Vorlage was the outstand- ing star of the day for S. Wilma Walker was visited by Miss Verta Long and Grace Barnett, former Susquehanna students and Miss Olga Lease and Edna Luzader. Dorothy Pritchard had as her guests Miss Peg Besecker, Irma Brown and her parents, Mr.

Stud- the pockets of his much tattered suit, ents, this is your dance and it is held Another incident that created much for your benefit. spirit was lacking at this Accidents will happen won't they Proft*. If such other procured an ancient chariot social funvtions as these cannot get resembling the famous "One Hoss the cooperation of the students, they Shay" and had a fine time in it. For a Little Recreation STOP AT FISHER & SON Billiard Parlor New York Life Insurance Co. Honorary members of the fraternity of high International standing are such artists as Mme. Mc Hugh '30 Frank Ramsey Guerney Kissinger '30 Business Manager Willis W Circulation Manager Advertising Manager Charles E. Hughes and dau- ghter Doris were guests of Ruth Ev- ans. Emily Craig had a large party of friends — Misses Mary Rarig, Elsie Hoffman, Mrs.