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Canadian christian dating services

Singles love Canada because it tends to be a bit more politically liberal and is full of every kind of person you can imagine.They’re thinner and often healthier thanks to free health care.

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“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as I need something imaginative, something different what my everyday life offers. America might be a melting pot, but Canada isn’t too far away with citizens who have heritage from the entire world.British and French settlers weren’t the first to build homes in Canada.With funny guys such as Jim Carrey, Michael Cera and Martin Short all hailing from Canada, you know that Canadians probably get to laugh more than anyone else.Lots of Americans are probably secretly jealous of Canada just for the thick European culture that still permeates many of the larger cities.I love adventures and taking the long way to get places.

I love the ocean and sitting on the beach just relaxing with friends or having a special quiet time with Jesus.

Would like a tour guide/buddy to show me around/companionship.

Willing to reciprocate the favour too if you are headed this way. Serving others is important to me, would like to go and do some volunteering with you!

Im a serious girl so i do have time to lose lol (im laughing but im serious XD). I have never been in a relationship and never been dated, had a few bad experiences with getting to know guys on here or in real life. I love the countryside as I am a city born country girl and loves horses. I love singing hymns (those that I know) whether in English, or in French.

I could say that I'm easy going individual down to earth,live a simple life, considerate about other people, like home cooked meals.

A non-judgmental woman who sees the value of building a solid friendship while dating. I always have a smile on my face I am a relaxe girl lol (life is enough complicated by itself lol so no pressure with me).