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Kazakh First Deputy Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev told reporters in Astana that the three countries had not yet discussed the possibility of instituting a single currency, Interfax said.

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The crisis in Ukraine has made it “clear” that the Eurasian union is largely “a tool for Russia to realize its political goals,” he said. If your visa is returned to you without the signature please contact us immediately as the visa will be unusable. Signature and surname All Kazakhstan visas must be signed in order to be valid.The combination makes the idea of a Russian revival, commanding new attention on the world stage, increasingly popular.And, thus, so is the concept underpinning the Eurasian Economic Union.In March, former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Putin of seeking to revive the Soviet Union, which collapsed in 1991.

The Soviet Union included Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and 11 other states, most of which remain under Russia’s powerful influence.

This guide is designed to help you read the important information on your Kazakhstan Visa though is by no means exhaustive. Name – Given name Your names will be written here matching those in your passport. Also note that the visa will display your name in the following format: [Last Name] [First Name] [Second Names] Surname and then the first name and middle name. The visa will confirm the surname of person who signed it.

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And for other would-be members, the sanctions have cast a pall over the entire union.

Still, inside Russia, many people are frustrated with what they see as domineering U. foreign policy and economic might, and they are angry at Russia’s flagging economy and endemic corruption.

S.-Russian relations tumbling to their lowest point since the Cold War.