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She was nice enough to write up some tips on creating the perfect DIY wedding! While Pinterest tried to convince me that I could redo my home bathroom or build a lantern from scratch, I had to buckle down and really visualize the simple but treasured DIY projects that would give my wedding a personal touch.

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Sarita Yardi, a Ph D candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is studying the role of technology in teenagers' lives.While users of other social networking sites are urged to check the identities of those they talk to, Chatroulette aficionados socially enter into conversation with random strangers who remain entirely anonymous.According to a recent Home Office report on the Sexualisation of Young People, 99 per cent of eight to 17-year-olds have access to the internet and 60 per cent of 12 to 15-year-olds say that they mostly use it on their own.It saddens me that she has grown up in a society that makes it possible for her to be so worldly and resigned at such a young age.Just last week, a newspaper column related the story of a woman who had recently gone on a date with an unnamed parliamentary candidate.Chatroulette has taken social networking to the next level and provides a perfect forum for men to prey on vulnerable girls and women.

The images I encountered were shockingly pornographic, and it disturbs me profoundly to think that my 16-year-old has been exposed to them, even if she does have the street smarts to move swiftly on if she encounters anything unseemly.

The study found that 49 per cent of children aged eight to 17 have an online profile on sites such as Bebo, My Space and Facebook and that girls report being under increasing pressure to display themselves in their underwear online.

Almost half of them say that their parents set no rules for the use of such sites.

She says that the idea of showing your face to strangers violates almost all social norms of the offline world.'There are too many unacceptable cultural and moral boundaries that are crossed - like random and unpredictable exposure to nakedness - for it to persist in its present state.

This brings up interesting questions of governance.' Indeed it does.

Now, we face the worrying prospect that a growing number of men find it acceptable to expose themselves to strangers online - and the young girls watching them not only think it's normal, but some even agree to perform sex acts on themselves in return.