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Colonial management liquidating corporation orlando

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The Board of Directors (BOD) for the IEVPC was recently established along with the registration of the IEVPC in the State of Florida.This BOD is expected to expand during the next few months as the response to invitations to join the BOD are processed.

This includes members from the media, government, technology management, aerospace, finance, etc., that may provide a wide range of expertise to aid the IEVPC in the accomplishment of its Mission.Recent Significant Engagements ROTHSTEIN, ROSENFELDT & ADLER, P. Berger Singerman is currently serving as general counsel to Michael I. as the Liquidating Trustee for the Liquidating Trust created under the Liquidating Plan that was confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court in July, 2013.From November, 2009 through the confirmation date of the Liquidating Plan, Berger Singerman was counsel to Judge Herbert Stettin in his role as Chapter 11 Trustee of the Chapter 11 case of (“RRA”).The former principal of this company, Lee Farkas, was tried and convicted for a variety of economic crimes. The failure of TBW in turn resulted in the failure of Colonial Bank; the sixth largest bank failure in the history of the United States.Several former employees of TBW and of Colonial Bank have been charged with a variety of economic crimes and have pled guilty.Since confirmation of the Liquidating Plan, these transactions have aggregated in excess of $50 million.

This remains very high profile case which has received a substantial amount of media attention.

He is also the author of the widely acclaimed climate science books including the 2011 climate book “Cold Sun,” its 2014 remake and natiowide best seller, "Dark Winter," and the December 12, 2016 book "Upheaval! He is a primary co-author of the just released (December 14, 2016) book "Upheaval!

- Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States."He holds a Ph D in Geology from Hokkaido University, Japan.

Moreover, the RRA case has paid the senior subordinated claim and second senior subordinated claims in full, leaving just one single junior subordinated, unsecured claim (in its own class) with a partial recovery.

As a part of its representation, Berger Singerman challenged the U. federal government’s criminal forfeiture of all the assets purchased by Scott W. After losing in the lower courts, Berger Singerman obtained a reversal from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, after which Berger Singerman and the Liquidating Trustee successfully negotiate a wide-reaching global resolution with the U. federal government on all forfeiture related matters.

Sovereign is attempting to appeal various orders entered in the underlying adversary proceeding and the Bankruptcy Court’s order approving the global compromise.