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Configuration options for updating os

configuration options for updating os-37

This is especially useful because some system updates prevent you from using the computer while the installation completes, in addition to requiring a restart.

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Alternatively, from the Mac App Store notification you can click Later to display a pop-up menu enabling you to defer the update until a more convenient time.As stated previously, by default, important system and security software are always updated.After deferring updates, when you are ready to install updates or want to manually check for new updates, you can do so at any time using the following methods: TIP When software updates are available, a number badge (indicating the number of available updates) will appear next to the Mac App Store icon, the Mac App Store toolbar Updates button, and the Mac App Store selection in the Apple menu.Automatic software update checking is enabled by default as soon as you start using your Mac.NOTE In OS X El Capitan, both administrative and standard users are allowed to install system software updates via the Mac App Store.You can create an sd image of your current sd card with win32diskimager (if you're on windows) Note: images created this way can only be written to a micro SD card of the EXACT same size or bigger.

As an example you may not be able to write an image of a 64GB micro SD onto another 64GB card.

The automatic software update mechanism checks only for updates of currently installed Apple-sourced software, including software included with OS X and any software purchased from the Mac App Store.

For most users, Mac App Store software updates require appropriate Apple ID authentication.

If your organization restricts this type of activity for nonadministrative users, you can disable automatic software updates, as covered later in this lesson.

Both automatic and manual software updates require an Internet connection to download update installers.

This option is not turned on by default on new OS X systems.