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Consoleone not updating poa configuration

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Use the following checklist to complete common tasks and configurations that are made after a site is updated.Confirm site-to-site replication is active: In the Configuration Manager console, go to the following locations to view the status and ensure that replication is active: For more information, see Monitor hierarchy and replication infrastructure in System Center Configuration Manager and About the Replication Link Analyzer.

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Following is a list of the post installation tasks that are critical for site and hierarchy operations.To view the status of the critical post installation tasks, select Post Installation task while monitoring the update installation for a site. Some tasks do not start until each site completes installation of the update.Therefore, new functionality you might expect can be delayed until these tasks complete.We recommend that you install the update outside normal business hours for each site to minimize the effect on business operations.This is because the update installation might include actions like reinstalling site components and site system roles. Update Configuration Manager consoles After a central administration site or primary site updates, each Configuration Manager console that connects to that site must also update.Because they are critical, they are actively monitored.

Additional tasks that are not directly monitored include the reinstallation of site system roles.

When you are ready to retry the installation of an update, select the failed update and then choose an applicable option.

The update installation retry behavior depends on the node where you start the retry, and the retry option that you use.

Go to About System Center Configuration Manager at the top-left corner of the console.

At the top-tier site of your hierarchy, in the Configuration Manager console go to Administration Updates and Servicing, select an Available update, and then click Install Update Pack.

You can also view the Config Mgr on the site server for more details.