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The purpose of creating an another account is just to keep the things separate and easier to distinguish between the notifications that have come into your account.While we use our original Facebook account for some other purposes and the clone account can be used to fix dates and all.

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So, let’s start:- The linking your tinder account with your Facebook account is very simple.The app was started with the purpose of online dating, but now it has expanded its branches to provide more features as provided by other social media apps.Launched in 2012 it is one of the first swiping apps where a user can use the swiping option to choose between photos.First of all, we have to create a Facebook account that is very much similar to our original Facebook account.Here we have to consider that it must not be a fake account but a clone to our original account.Today we don’t want any security agency to access control on our account, and it is the biggest reason that we want to link our tinder account with the Facebook account.

The second thing you want is privacy, and if your tinder account gets out of privacy, then all your dating history will be visible to the public which you don’t want to happen.

After changing the visibility you are done with your job of unlinking the Tinder account from your Facebook account.

After doing all these steps, now the Tinder is not able to make your dating and the personal photos public and then you can easily enjoy your date along with your partner. First of all, open the Facebook app and go to the sign in page and then sign in into your new Facebook account. Then fill all your personal information which you want to show on your Tinder account. Go to the tinder app and then click on setting gear which is on the left side of your screen and then logs out from your previous Tinder account. After logging out you again go to the Tinder app and then create an account with the new Facebook account that you have just created. At last, your account will be created and only that data will be accessed which you filled while creation of your Facebook account.

One should restrict their photos and must ensure that the undesirable person can’t see your personal moments.

Here are some easy steps so that you can easily increase your privacy level. First of all, open the Facebook app either from your PC or smartphone. Now click on the lock icon which includes the three vertical lines on the right corner of the screen. Then click on SEE MORE SETTINGS and then open the apps which are being utilized by Facebook. Now in the application list, you can easily see the Tinder application whose visibility you have to change to ONLY ME.

The app is used with other social media apps but do you know how to use it without Facebook?