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The only way to effectively measure a fragmented view of the market is to connect everything you know about that market.Helping Mums with their worries and problems " data-medium-file="https://i2com/

Come down for a FREE 90 minutes 1-to-1 consultation session with our professional Dating Consultant to find the answers!A full refund, after a deduction of $10 administration fee, will be given to you.4. o No refund will be given for any cancellation of registration in less than 3 days to the event date.These interactions, or personalization efforts as they are commonly known in the marketing world, are believed to have a major impact on the overall success of marketing programs.The on-site analytics give you one view, the email database gives you another.The point-of-sale system has one batch of data, your CRM has another.Speedah™ is our brand and we are proudly made in Singapore (Singapore Reg. We specialize in organizing ultra exciting speed dating events for eligible singles in Singapore.

Our staff have a fiery passion in the art & science of dating, fascinated by the wonders of human to human interaction, the power of attraction and some just have a crazy hobby of hooking people up.

A full refund, after a deduction of $10 administration fee, will be given to you.2.

When payment is made and the event is cancelled by us, full refund will be given back. There is a cooling-off period of 3 days from the date of payment.

Making Personalization a Reality If the world you’re marketing to is a splintered nightmare and the data you’re relying on is a fragmented mess, how do you avoid building a personalization strategy that is anything but personalized?

That way, no matter how many applications your teams use, and no matter how many channels your customers consume, there’s always a cohesive view of your marketing activities.

Typically, these interactions are customized to broad audience segments, such as demographics or geography, that can be known (in the case of email or logged in web traffic) or anonymized (in the case of digital advertising).