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Dating horsehair furniture

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Well-preserved chairs dating from the Victorian and Edwardian era tend to retain an original horse hair-stuffed seat.Using as much of the original materials as possible, we reshape this stuffing before the underlayer and new fabric is applied.

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Contrast piping is a great way to add a splash of colour to a plain chair and tie it in with your curtains, existing suite or scatters cushions.NAMES TO LOOK OUT FORMany upholstered period chairs that are not stamped are still of very good quality and comfort and are interesting in their own right.French chairs often had wooden casters so that they would not scratch wooden floors.Several factors help determine the age or general date of manufacture for a sofa, and in some cases, it's a guessing game.If you'd like to know its age for appraisal purposes, the experience of a professional appraiser or antique dealer helps eliminate any doubts you may have about the sofa.A quality piece of furniture can live in the heart of your home for generations.

It becomes a cherished part of your family history and with our expertise we can bring it back to life.

This funky textured velvet gave a chic and sophisticated update to the chair, whilst our compassionate restoration using traditional methods remained faithful to the chair’s 18th-century origins.

With the exception of chairs predating 1950, your fabric choice must comply with modern fire safety regulations.

Natural fibres are inherently fire retardant but fabrics with a high synthetic content will require either specialist chemical treatment or the addition of a fire resistant interliner.

Fire retardancy treatment can affect the look and feel of certain fabrics, such as velvets, so make sure to ask your upholsterer’s advice before choosing your material.

It’s quite something to preserve a piece of family history but quite another to instil it with a new lease of life, to be enjoyed and treasured for many more generations to come.