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Dating in the dark recap july 27

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Brooke hops in the shower, telling Gustavo to hit the bricks, but instead he stays and snoops through her cosmetics, pocketing a lipstick on his way out.

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Turns out, it wasn't that wild of a guess after all.She wakes up to the realization that she was sleepwalking and brandishing a knife at Maggie.Kieran suggests they blow off school and have very gentle sex so as not to rip his stitches and/or mess up his hair, but Emma needs to face Audrey.Meanwhile, Our Lady of Perpetually Awesome Statement Outerwear is moping to a slideshow of her and Emma’s pictures together.She wonders if everyone in Lakewood hates her after her drunken meltdown at the pageant, and Gustavo reassures her that he doesn’t, hangover-morning-breath-makeout-style. Makes sense, given that this whole season has only been like a week in Lakewood time.Lili Reinhart already has some theories of her own though...

#Dark Betty Considering the first episode of the new season is titled "A Kiss Before Dying", then it sounds like someone is ~definitely~ going to die.

Episode 2 is called "Chapter Fifteen: NIGHTHAWKS", episode 3 is called "Chapter Sixteen: THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS", episode 4 is called "Chapter Seventeen: "THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN" and episode 5 is called "Chapter Eighteen: WHEN A STRANGER CALLS".

The CW Well, unless *someone* ends up dead (Fred...), then you can probably bet that all your faves including KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes will be back in action as Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica respectively. Season two will no doubt be focused on the repercussions of the robbery at Pop's Diner and the fate of Archie's dad Fred.

Audrey’s been hiding the truth from Emma, and just like Brooke said, the longer you lie, the more it spirals out of control.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Brooke is fucking wise, people. Now, of course, Emma is way angrier than she would have been if Audrey had come clean to begin with.

Season 27, Episode 2October 6, 2017A mother of four dies unexpectedly on Valentine's Day.