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Dating photos from clothing

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That said, it should always be possible to gain a reasonable date range for a photograph, based on the appearance of its subject's clothing, especially when this technique is combined with the other photo dating methods already covered in previous blogs.

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Ideally, attendees will scan their photos and send them to the location of the talk.Fashion in photographs It was understood that clients visiting the photographer's studio (or, less commonly, those inviting a photographer to their home) would be dressed in their best quality, most fashionable clothing.Wealthy subjects had many fashionable ensembles to choose from, whereas ordinary working-class ancestors usually donned their best outfit, kept for church on Sundays and special occasions.Family photographs are hard to date once the generation pictured has passed away.Many people have unidentified photos in their collection.Basic facial recognition will also be covered which will help identify the same person in several photos over time.

There are some good, easy tricks which you will learn in this workshop-format presentation.

Of course, there were exceptions to this general principle.

Like today, some of our forebears were more interested in their personal appearance than others, spending proportionately more of their income on new clothes and accessories.

Photographs were ultimately designed to show off good taste and a pleasing appearance.

Sadly, those unwaged or destitute family members who were so impoverished as to own only old-fashioned, ill-fitting or ragged clothing were unlikely to have had their photograph taken very often, if at all.

In this series, Jayne Shrimpton, internationally recognised dress historian, portrait specialist, photo detective and regular contributor to Family Tree, Your Family History and Family History Monthly magazines, dates and analyses different types of photographs and helps you to add context to your old family pictures.