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Dating scan heartbeat

While ever there is a hb there is hope xxx Thanks for sharing your stories - I wish you all a positive outcome - and I'm sorry for your loss lizzie. I, like you, feel bad giving up when I know there's a little heart beating for now.

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The gestational sac is breaking down and I am miscarrying In some ways this is relief/closure for me, because the last few weeks waiting and hoping have been agony.I still have morning sickness and my breasts are still larger and tender, but I suppose this might be the case either way. To be honest if the tech told you about the slower heartbeat than I'd take that with little concern. They are not trained in babies- they are trained in scanning. So when I went for my first ultrasound on June 27th (feeling very sick and tired) I thought for sure they would tell me I was at 7 weeks.Any similar stories and outcomes (even bad ones) welcome. Thanks Mori xxx It is very common at around 6 weeks for the heartbeat to be slow! At around six weeks it starts beating and will increase approximately 2-3 beats per day for a bit. Even if your dr said this- heartbeats always start slow. Instead they told me I was at 5 weeks 4 days with a heart rate of 64bpm.I am not saying this is what will happen to you, because when I went through this, there were many stories where ladies had a a similar picture, but it turned out that they had either got their dates wrong, or had a slow-growing embryo which suddenly "caught up".If you are unsure of an ovulation date, I would always stress that you could easily have been mistaken with dates, and not to assume the worst.It is hard to stay hopeful when their are so many questions and mixed emotions going on but I think you are right we need to remain hopeful and trust that what is meant to be, is meant to be. I sense that we are all strong women and no matter what kind of curve ball gets thrown at us we will all be ok.

So one of the old wives tales is that the baby's heartbeat very early on can tell you whether you are having a boy or a girl.

It tailed off over the evening and was gone by saturday.

However, she referred me for an early scan just in case.

I was certain of my dates and had a done a positive pregnancy test 12 days after my period, so it wasn;t in doubt.

For weeks I remained in limbo, hanging onto hope because of the hb.

I've to go back in two weeks for a follow up scan to see what is happening.