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Dating site for classical musicians

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Classical music is not the most common topic of discussion at Midem, but True Linked, a platform created specifically to aid the interaction of classical musicians with bookers and arts organizations, was the winner in the distribution & discovery category of Midemlabs, Midem’s competition for start-ups.

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The Menuhin Competition catches its musicians young, with categories of under-16 and under-22.When the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent civil war smashed through Russian society a hundred years ago, the close links between Russian and European music, and between Russian art, music and literature were shattered, and a new artistic world had to be built on what was left.It’s common knowledge that Louis XIV developed the foundations of classical ballet in the late 17th century, during his long and rather extraordinary reign as King of France.You can search for your favourite composer or performer or read some of the 200 reviews we publish each month across the world.The list of great Soviet composers over the last hundred years will always bring out the big names, but what about those unsung heroes of the late 20th century whose music captures the mood of a generation?with the Philharmonia Orchestra to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Ashkenazy recalls his experiences as a young Soviet pianist, his memories of Shostakovich and his witnessing history in the making.

Make Bachtrack your guide to the best classical music concerts, opera and dance performances worldwide.

But was the French King the true mastermind of ballet technique?

Origins: from the Royal court of Louis XIV to neoclassicism.

When you stroll through the Rijksmuseum, 17th-century burghers peer at you, self-assured and dressed soberly, mostly in black.

The first impression these portraits of the superrich give is that their subjects did not much care for ostentatious display.

“It was obvious to me that if the agent kept all the connections, that was a dead end.