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Dating sites like vamire freaks

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Information of these events can be found on the website.Some of the most infamous of these events would be the 'Cybertron', a gothic-industrial clubnight in NYC, and the 'Triton Festival', a music festival that has attracted gothic-industrial bands from around the world.

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Was a place for open-minded alternative peoples, goths/punks/metalheads/etc, to post a profile and find similar people.You will be added as a friend by people who never even attempt to speak to you.Users can be rated 1-10, a fantastic addition to a site used by people who are all about not judging people and don't care what you think.The ratings feature can be switched off, however, but of course it never is.Any messages you do get will consist of "10" or "10 " or "hi, here's a 10, please rate back"Sentences like "I hate ignorance and hypocrisy" can be found on every profile, usually followed by something ignorant and hypocritical concerning all the people and things they hate.Vampire Freaks had a clothing store, named after the site, located in New York City.

The store sold similar products to the current website, and was also a social gathering place.

The website also has event pages, music interviews, models, and frequent design contests.

It's also a popular message-board which is a major component of the site's success.

With him he brought gifts for her - hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, including a corset and lingerie.

Mr Preston said the father had a sexual interest in Carly.

The store closed in 2011 after being open for over three years.