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You’ll get some great insight into the game that you won’t get from reading the rules.

Sit with your gal at a bout and let her talk you through what’s happening.We won’t advise you on what to do after your date (especially when s/he walks you to the door…that’s your business) but using some or all of these tips will help ensure there is a next date!There’s no sweeter feeling to a roller derby player than seeing the people they love in the stands during a bout.So grab some pals, grab the kids, and head to the arena.Roller derby events are a good time for everyone – they’re high-energy and kid-friendly, but usually have a nice party atmosphere as well, especially if there’s a beer garden.Guys, if you keep dodging dinner, you run the risk of the woman thinking you are cheap. Suggest renting some segways and exploring your city. Say something like, “hey, I know of a great place I’d love for you to try…” That seems thoughtful instead of bossy. Even if they don’t post stats, you can use your online food journal to determine what’s the best choice.

Look online and decide what you want to eat walking into the restaurant.

Depending on your skill set and time constraints, there are many different things you can do to earn your very own derby name (and spend some more time with your girl while you’re at it): Let’s get real here.

Not all partners of derby players want to get involved. But if roller derby doesn’t really float your boat, be honest with her right off the top.

Stop eating and linger over your plate about 20 minutes or so. By the time dessert comes, you’ve waitied your requisite 30 minutes between eating and drinking and now have yet another thing that it takes time to consume. A little more talking…hey this is going REALLY well isn’t it?

So that’s the basic rundown on how to survive a first (or second…or third) date after weight loss surgery.

Bouting is only a small fraction of the time she spends on skates – she’s usually at derby practice, putting in her 10,000 hours.