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“I always keep reminding myself that we’re not only commercial business, but also a Social enterprise.We have social responsibilities for the LGBT people and cannot forget where we are from.” However, in terms of the future trend of gay dating apps, Geng doesn’t think their business mode will become the general trend.

Jack’d used to run top in Chinese gay dating app before Blued-a Chinese domestic app-took its place.Robyn Exton, the CEO of Dattch, believes that women are less likely to meet offline right after a “warming up” chat online.Recently, Robyn is in busy with Dattch’s launch in Los Angeles on 9 May.Please complete the form below to register for Future Chef.John Wu, a 24-year old Chinese, realized he was different from other boys till high school because he was not that into girls. “But I’m a super special case, not typical; you know, it’s just a tool of making friends and seeking sex,” John says, “and I think I’m the only one in the world who use it to practice IELTS (by chatting with a New York guy)!Geng understands that there is indeed a physical need of sex, especially for man. “Some people consider it as a moral issue; others take it as physical vent, simply as ordinary as pee.” In Geng’s view, it is one’s right and privacy to choose how to deal with sex relationship as long as it’s in on legal and moral level.

Moreover, the app is just a tool, he thinks, “we offer a social platform, but we don’t judge how people deal with their own business.” “However, we don’t want our product to be a meaningless tool; it’s lifeless boring.” As a gay himself, Geng understands more about his users’ emotional needs.

On the basis of a huge number of users and highly efficient communication feature, Blued engages in promoting anti-AIDS knowledge and helping government with LGBT service and investigations.

“We have 26 out of 30 gay members in our company; we root in China’s gay group; we know what they (government) don’t know, and do what they are not able to do,” says Geng.

And a blog section is designed to offer news and personal stories to enrich their online experience.

John stopped using Jack’d after confirming relationship with his boyfriend.

Grindr has an Xtra version which charges for 0.69 pounds, money made from the LGBT is called “pink pound” in UK.